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Monday, 30 December 2013

Food meets Art at Wow

Won Kang, Bon appétit  2013 

Christmas Day has passed and
another fresh new year will soon be with us.
Presents are given again and again. :-)

Wow is
where food meets art and 
gives comfortable delight. 
one by one, I am going to put in 
bright and clear foods that put a smile on my face. 

Preparing, making and eating food is 
great art that makes us happy and grateful
directly through our body. 
It enables us to experience the wisdom of nature
that is endless giving.

I am full and the floor is warm:

heated traditional Korean floor for winter called Ondol. 
It is not easy to get away from it once you lie on it. :-) Trust me. 
On top of that, it is Sunday afternoon just perfect for a nap.
Hmm ... ...  z-z-z ... 

Happy Giving New Year to all of us!