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Monday, 31 March 2014

Always new

The time 
of spending more time with the sun 
than the moon.
A bit chilly dawn. 
Warm mid-afternoon air. 
Evening tree branches waving slightly.

A white ivory fleece floor cushion
carefully rolled up and wrapped in paper. 
It is put in a gently wiped bag.

Two lights are blinking. 
'Please change', they say. 
Two round and small lights 
coming out of a treasure box.

Warm and bright yellow shines on me.

A new meeting. 
A new beginning.

It is new.

Everything is born anew all the time, 
 as we think,  
as we behave,
as we say.


Right now. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Brown rice tea, No darkness

No darkness


 The sunset. 
The evening light slowly coming in.
A maple tree in the kitchen,
'Whamoki', a jasmine tree in the living room. 
Between the red maple tree and the green jasmine tree, 
a sip of brown rice tea 
full of sweet and mellow nutty flavour.
Clear and comfortable breathing, 
a sense of freedom
that spread all through the body.

No darkness in the head, 
no darkness in the forehead, 
no darkness in the eyes,
no darkness in the ears,
no darkness in the mouth,
no darkness in the chest, 
no darkness in the stomach.
There is no darkness anywhere in the body.

Body and mind are one. 

Won Kang, Lumière  2014

A handful of brown rice
2/3 of a large pot water


1. Wash the brown rice and drain it in a sieve for a while (to remove pesticides).
2. Over medium heat, stir it until it is a golden brown. 
3. Boil 2/3 of a large pot water vigorously. 
4. Remove the lid and boil for 5 mins.
5. Put a handful of brown rice in the pot and boil for 10 mins.
6. Turn off the heat. Put the lid on and steam for 10 mins. The end!

One line recipe

Put a spoonful of roasted brown rice directly in a mug and fully boiled water. Fin!
Still delicious & very simple! :-)

Do you know tea and water are different? 
Well, I did not know that. 
'Drinking tea as a substitute for water is what we should avoid', tea experts say. 
It is because tea does not supply fluids but dehydrates. Hmm...
However, tea made from grains such as brown rice, barley, corn etc. is an exception. 
Grain tea gives plenty of fluids just like water does. Oh, Yes!  
So a chat over a lovely cup of brown rice tea? :-) 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Only need to stop

William Eggleston, At Zenith 1979/2013

A sunlit street. 
A leisurely walk 
of a black cat. 

Looking at the front and to the side, 
slowly stepping onto the grass next to the street, 
the cat stops and, looks at the sky and, 
hops one stone 
of a steep stone wall.
Stops and, looks at the sky and, 
hops another stone.

Oh, she or he has slipped,
climbs up 
with no perplexity and no impatience.
One by one.

not in words but 
with a heart.

The precious present
the black cat gave. 

One stop. 
A piece of courage. 
Soft mind.

The moment we stop, 
there is no uneasiness.

The moment we stop, 
there is nothing we cannot do.

at the moment 
we are now staying.

Only need to stop. 


Look at the sky.
Give a smile.

Precious things 
are growing.

'Thank you.'

Monday, 10 March 2014


Ah! Morning sunshine has come early today.

It is sitting
on a wood floor,
 on porcelains, 
on tree leaves,
on a sofa,
on a table,
 on my head. 

Following the sunshine, 
gently put 
wide-open hands 
on the head.

Kind warmth.
Affectionate smile.

See the sunshine and, 
the sunshine sees me and, 
I see me.

How lovely. 
How grateful.

A day begins.
  like this. 

Ossip Zadkine, Jeune fille à la colombe  1928 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Just be still

Francesco Zerillo, Palermo  1832

Oh, cold water is less cold now. 
It used to be ice-cold. 
Spring is coming!

Little round trees
with yellow colour lightly, lightly sprinkled. 
A stone wall with new brownish green buds.   

Dust coming from China around this time of year
has already disappeared and, 
high and wide blue sky 
radiantly emerging.

Silvery street lamps glinting in the sunlight. 

Calm and deep 
It is constant and unchanging. 

Neither rejects nor possesses. 
Neither spits out nor swallows. 
Just be. 
Just be still. 

In silence. 

anxiety all
By themselves.