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Monday, 9 December 2013

Comfortable mind

Won Kang, Merci  2013

An armful of apples.
Adoring pretty red-ripe apples,
I place one of them on top of a desk.
Air and sunlight, soil and water turn into an apple
that gives great delight and happiness.

another one apple.

In the forest fully saturated with autumn,
one golden apple
that seated on colourful fallen leaves piled up.
Its appearance catches my eye 
because it is so similar to the red apple I put in.
It looks as if it has been fallen from a tree ...
but .. much too big apple, much too small tree.
A view of nature but a refined and delicate golden colour
that makes me Alice in Wonderland. 
Like being in a mysterious and beautiful fairyland ...
It seems so ordinary but not so ordinary. 
Its surrealistic sense of being playful brings smile. 

The creation of bronze and metal becoming one with nature. 
Life and art become one. 
Living and non-living become one. 
With no distinction between being alive and not alive,
only comfortable mind is
here and now.