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Monday, 27 January 2014

Tangerine tea, No lack

No lack


A white plate on a table.
Tangerines are glittering on it. 
When passing by them, eating one or two, 
shortly after, tangerine peels are piled up. 

One corner of a floor where daylight is coming in. 
There, tangerine peels are turning into another shape. 
The sun is giving health to people and to the peels. 
The bright and clear form. The fresh and sweet aroma quietly approaching. 
I keep going there. 

Try tangerine tea? 
I am boiling tea with a handful of tangerine peels.
Ah~ the aroma of tangerine all over the house. 
Neither too strong, nor too weak. 
Neither too much, nor too less. 
There is no lack 
as it is now. 

Won Kang  2014 

A handful of dried tangerine peels
2/3 of a large pot water (or as we like)
A large pot with a thick bottom

1. Wash tangerines carefully with vinegar and baking soda. 
2. Dry the peels left after eating the tangerines, for two or three days. 
    They dry easily in winter. 
3. Put a handful of the dried tangerine peels in a pot.
    Stir, heating gently, over medium heat. 
    This is to disinfect. Be careful not to burn them. 
4. Add water 2/3 of the pot with the heated tangerine peels.
5. 5mins after water bubbling and boiling. It is done. The end!

It could taste flat. Try it with sugar or honey, please. 
Then, sweet smell and taste and another delicate flavour!

One line recipe
A handful of dried tangerine peels. Add water 2/3 of a big pot. 5 mins after boiling. Fin!

Tangerines rich in vitamin C.
Dried tangerine peels rich in vitamin D.
Citric acid and essential lemon oil in them help relieve fatigue.
A lovely cup of tangerine tea when feeling a cold coming on.
It reduces nasal congestion and inflammation. Good for people with rhinitis.
Well, I sound like a doctor, don't I? Ho ho :-)

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Leave all to it

Won Kang, Oreillers  2014

'Whamoki', a small jasmine tree.  
A lovely sunny spot under 'Whamoki'. 
I lie down there. 

The warmth of wooden floors. 
The leaves and tree branches sparkling 
with the sun shining like stars. 

Dark brown. Light ivory colour. Old boughs and newly born twigs. 
The serenity 
they make together. 

The sound of water going down. 
The sound of wind. 
The touch of air brushing with wind.

Uh, wind is passing by my nose, as well. 
With my nose covered, not to catch a cold :-) ,
I lie down again. 

Ah~ it is warm and snug. 

Where everything is calm. 
Ascend and descend. 
Descend and ascend. 
Breathe in and breathe out. 
Breathe out and breathe in. 
Peaceful and soft, soundless movement. 

Leave all to the movement.
Every thought
Every mind 
Every body

One by one 

And stay 
where it is quiet and unchanging. 


Monday, 13 January 2014


Lila de Nobili, The Sleeping Beauty  1968

Looking up at the sky over the hill, it is seen. 
One bird nest 
set on the top branches of a winter tree between the sky and the hill. 
With lush leaves, it was not seen but now, fully reveals itself. 
While looking at the prettiness of its carefully made shape, 
another one is found on the top branches of a tree next to it.

Two trees. Two bird's nests. 
Two tall trees stretching up, ever so cool. 
Both looking like wearing cute little hats together. 
A big smile. 

In 'The Sleeping Beauty'.
When the kingdom is awakened 
from the enchanted sleep of one hundred years.
The bird's nest on the head of the king's man who is fussy and officious.
A big smile.

'You made a bird's nest on your head'.

This is a Korean expression for tangled hair. 
His appearance talking noisily about this and that, 
with an actual bird's nest on his head.
Tee hee hee... smile in spite of myself. 

The bird's nest delicately made, unusually using real twigs. 
The witty ingenuity of Lila de Nobili.

Beautiful gifts winter trees give.
And Lila de Nobili. 
Thank you.  

Monday, 6 January 2014

Our bright mind

Alexander Calder, Plutôt Jaune  1965

I opened a balcony door. 
Today is really like saying 'I Am Winter'.
Cool winter wind whistles. 
It is refreshing and my heart is wide open with fresh air.   

Cool wind like this reminds of a moving sculpture by Alexander Calder.
Simple colours of yellow, blue, red, black...and wire. 
"A mobile that dances in front of you", as he calls it. 

When a sculpture is dancing in the wind.
Is it a sculpture that is dancing? 
Is it wind that is dancing?

It is not a sculpture that is dancing. 
It is not wind that is dancing.
It is mind that is dancing. 

Moving is my mind. 
Seeing with eyes is my mind.
Hearing with ears is my mind. 
Thinking is my mind.
Feeling is my mind. 
Everything is mind.

If mind is born, everything is born. 
If mind disappears, everything disappears.

Calder's yellows come and go. 

Beautiful and bright in both coming and going. 
Just like our mind. 

Freshly washed white quilt. 
Dry and fluffy in winter sunlight. 
Jump in. Rolling and rolling around. 
Warm sunshine is dancing with me.