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Monday, 24 February 2014

Rice sweets, Meet



Round, round rice sweets
  grandma gave  
for the first brightest night of the Lunar New year: 
traditionally, a big celebration day in Korea.
The sweets embracing rice, grain syrup, oil, air. 

They are likely to be brittle even by a little bit of pressure, so
holding it lightly, gently, try one bite.
Rice powder softly spreading in the air. 
Spreading in the mouth, 

And, love.  

Listening to the story of mom's childhood, 
again, one bite.

Meet the moon. 
Meet the sun. 
Meet me. 
Embrace me. 

Won Kang, Le douceur de la Corée  2014 

Monday, 17 February 2014


Ah, it is morning with thin mist. 
Like an early morning park in London.

A little bit cold air. 
A soft spread of mist. 
Dew paths. 
Mystical tranquillity.

close my eyes.

Where it gives joy to everyone, 
and also gives the giving.
Where the joy of everyone is one's own joy.
Where it is bright and bright, always and invariably.

Clear and limpid spring water
silently flowing in a forest.

Where it is serene.


Monday, 10 February 2014

Nothing to worry about

Agnes Martin, Untitled #5  1992

Dazzlingly bright morning. 
As if clouds have come down,  
snowflakes gently sat on a hill. 
The sky and the hill being one. 

They came from morning till late night yesterday. 
Small baby snowflakes. 
With no sound, lightly.
Little by little and slowly.
They came, came and came again.

Looked like fluffy clouds when they were coming.   
And the way they sat down also look like clouds.
As if transparent, flowing clouds, in layers,  
tucking in grass and trees.

Without impatience and haste.
Without showing off.
Visible and invisible.
Quietly, doing and doing 
Coming down and coming down...
And, lovely look like this. 

As small as it is.
As little as it is. 
As not knowing as it is. 
As unfamiliar as it is. 
As high as it is. 
As low as it is. 
It is good.

Snow appearing is good. 
Snow staying is good.
Snow disappearing is good.
See snow. And see the Winter that flowered the snow. 

There is nothing to worry about.  

Monday, 3 February 2014


Wassily Kandinsky, Winter landscape  1909

It is 12 noon. 
But still morning to me. 
     Just woke up. :-) 
Quiet and relaxed morning. Or... afternoon?! 

A rattling of crockery.
Clear and sweet melody, peacefully flowing.

Today is the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea.
New year's greeting to mom and dad.
Words of love and wisdom from parents.
Flowers of laughter. 

Sky, ground, house are all warm yellow light.
The way to the house is pink. 
Soft and cosy pastel hills. 
Winter symphony that chubby dots play.    

Wassily Kandinsky who makes winter tunes with happy dots.   
"The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul", he says. 

Open our eyes.
 Open our ears. 
 Open the eyes of mind, the ears of mind.

Open and see. 

Open and hear.
What there is to us now.


has been achieved.