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Monday, 24 November 2014

Quince tea, Good night

Good night


A sip of quince tea
warmly enfolding me. 

The aroma of quince tea
delicately suffusing.

Kind light.

Yesterday's rain. 
Tree branches emerging themselves.
Yellow leaves sprinkled on the ground. 

Soft light.

It is heard,
if we listen.

It is
 here, now.

It is


       by our side.    

    Everything we dream of is 


Monday, 17 November 2014

It twinkles

Lee Ufan, Dialogue  2008

The sound of wood 
burning in a fireplace. 

Following the breath flowing quietly,
a brush meets colour and,
the colour being laid down.

A line is drawn

again, again and again.  

The twinkling stars of the sky.
A twinkling white canvas.  
Two twinkling points.

Numerous lines.
Numerous breath.

Numerous minds being put down.

High and high
.    .    . 
Deep and deep
 .    .    .  

A beautiful and subtle world.

Same place.
Different world.

The treasure in our own pockets.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Let go

Joseph Walsh, Magnus Celestii  2014

  The wind blowing. 

The autumn light
getting tinged with red and yellow. 

Clean clothes.


one by one

I fold and put them down 

with mindless mind. 

The clothes being laid tenderly.  
A gentle smile.

things we need only.

Let go
of everything 
we don’t need.

It is there.

It is there.
Things more precious than what we want.  

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