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Monday, 6 January 2014

Our bright mind

Alexander Calder, Plutôt Jaune  1965

I opened a balcony door. 
Today is really like saying 'I Am Winter'.
Cool winter wind whistles. 
It is refreshing and my heart is wide open with fresh air.   

Cool wind like this reminds of a moving sculpture by Alexander Calder.
Simple colours of yellow, blue, red, black...and wire. 
"A mobile that dances in front of you", as he calls it. 

When a sculpture is dancing in the wind.
Is it a sculpture that is dancing? 
Is it wind that is dancing?

It is not a sculpture that is dancing. 
It is not wind that is dancing.
It is mind that is dancing. 

Moving is my mind. 
Seeing with eyes is my mind.
Hearing with ears is my mind. 
Thinking is my mind.
Feeling is my mind. 
Everything is mind.

If mind is born, everything is born. 
If mind disappears, everything disappears.

Calder's yellows come and go. 

Beautiful and bright in both coming and going. 
Just like our mind. 

Freshly washed white quilt. 
Dry and fluffy in winter sunlight. 
Jump in. Rolling and rolling around. 
Warm sunshine is dancing with me.