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Monday, 16 December 2013

Not busy

It is snowing.
Snow is flying around in the air
gently touching a window as if saying 'Hello'.

Ah, it is like I could touch it
if I reach out my hand for it.
One snowflake, here ...
two snowflakes, there ...
Slowly ... quietly and softly ...
It is falling and falling.

Sky is not busy.
Trees are not busy.
Wind is not busy.
Snow is not busy.
My mind is not busy.

Today as today,
tomorrow as tomorrow,
let every mind be good.

Even a snowflake slowly falling blankets
if it is falling and falling.
With no feeling of uneasiness
about doing as much as I do,
with no feeling of lack in doing as much I do,
I do it again and again.  

There is no 'being late'. In this world.
The beginning is not half.
The beginning is the whole.
The beginning is directly a result.
So, all we need to do is doing.  

The biggest factor that determines life
is neither luck nor ability.

It is to act out. 
To give a constant try. 
To do it now.
Even if it is not what is immediately achieved. 

To start it first. Right now.
If it is what we will do some day.

Snow keeps falling.
It gradually gets brighter around by its white light.
Cleared sky in blue.
Louder laughter of children
taking a sleigh ride with snowballs in their both hands.

I am now going out as well.