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Monday, 30 March 2015

Smile bread, Resting



A sweet smile of raisins,
a warm hug of sunflower seeds,
deep, deep abundance of beans.

Passing through a vineyard, meeting sunflowers,
fields of beans and wheat, and the wide sky opening up before me.  

The earth and the sun,
the air and the wind.

The sound of songbirds.

A blooming flower.

One step,
one breath,
 one look. 

A miracle
of everyday

unfolding here
 where I sit still.

Won Kang, Sourier  2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

The world dances with us

A soundless feast.

Small and cute buds
putting their faces out
on tree branches,
among  the rocks.

A small hill being tranquilly tinged
with light and gentle green.

is changing

deeply and comfortably.


ourselves, the centre of all changes,

as we purify water by digging a deep well,
as we grow a lush forest.

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              Without words

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         Me & Me

   Even so,                        the world is beautiful




                   In the light 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Stay, stay in the mind

Two hands folded together,
lowering my head.

A grateful greeting.

The clear aura of Mother earth
towards my heart.

The sound of mind being finely cultivated.


one step
from here.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Not a big thing

The cloud 
where the sky and the earth are joined. 
White tree branches.
A half-moon shaped bird nest 
floating in between.

Late afternoon shade.
The sound of a passing car.

calm the mind
sitting, correcting my posture. 
The air outside the body becomes the air inside.
  The air inside the body becomes the air outside.  

Thoughts melting, 
feelings melting, 
changing into wisdom.

I know,
everything happens 
because our sky is dazzling.  

I know,
 everything that makes myself uncomfortable 
is actually
 not a big thing. 

The whispering of the wind.

smiling face,
as always.