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Monday, 25 November 2013


One of neighbours is repairing a house.
It sounds like coming from our house.
To someone, it is the sound of preparing precious home.
To someone, it is the sound of living.
To someone, it is the sound of shaking one's space.
And, to someone, it is the sound not heard at all.

Now, a short pause of repairing sound, it is the sound of learning
that teaches the preciousness of comfort and delight tranquility gives.

Like this, we live

in the world of our own with our own standards.

Like this, we live in our own pictures drawing our own.
 Everything in them is all created by us.
There is not a bit that is not our own creation.
Neither brought nor drawn by anybody else. 

It is wholly up to us
to decide what to draw and not to draw,
what shape to draw and not to draw,
what colour to paint and not to paint
in our pictures.

What to see and how to see.
What to hear and how to hear.
What to say and how to say.
It is 'ourselves' who make the choice.

Depending on what choice we make,
our pictures become different.
The world we live in becomes different.

There are many ways to let us know
that all of us have our own pictures and what they are.
One of them is 'Art'.

What to look .. and how to look..
Through this kind of 'looking',
searching for the truth and
trying to live by practicing the found truth in daily life. 
History calls it 'Art'. 
That is the 'Art' I know. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Step by Step

  Cool wind, bright sunlight, a quiet and gently situated school. 
Tranquility autumn gives.  
The newness of the oncoming winter.
 I take one step into the world of art. 

 The numerous creations 
much loved and respected
 beyond time and space,
 under the name of history and art.

If everyone ever experiences the path of art... 
 How lovely it would be...
 It will be a little bit brighter, 
with a little bit more smiles. 

The one thing 
the various art creations share in common. 

'The Truth'. 

So, art is 
harmony, balance and freedom.

Suffering, feeling lost and painful is the sign 
of being disharmonised and imbalanced somewhere.
it is the sign 
that we are all born to live in harmony, balance and freedom.

There is the happy, positive sensor 
 close to me to be able to see and use any time. 
It is kind of a basket filled with things that keep me happy and positive.

one more happy, positive thing is put in it.

Art memo.

To be where I should be and 
to do what I should do.

By being immediately aware of 
the broken moment of harmony and balance.

Already, lunch time here in Seoul!
Glutinous rice with beans, miso soup made of my grandma's bean paste, 
fried egg with deliciously moist and soft yolk...

Oh yes! Fantastique!
It will be very good for the cool weather like today, won't it? :-)
Then, let's go, go for lovely lunch.