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Monday, 23 December 2013


E. H. Shepard, "A HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL"   21 December 1946 

Twinkle, twinkle
In the sky, stars twinkle, twinkle.
On the ground, people's smiling faces twinkle, twinkle.
My mind also twinkles, twinkles.

As if the dancing angel at Christmas of E. H. Shepard is sprinkling,  
it is full of bright light all around.

All together
chatting about this and that,
decorating a tree one by one,
preparing presents thinking about one another,
share and express heart at Christmas.

It is the day 
that many beautiful seeds in us are brought up and taken care of.

Depending on what we believe, what we want,
the way we live becomes different.

I believe
If one has an ability to hate, one can also love.
If one has an ability to take, one can also give.
If one has an ability to do harm, one can also do good.
If one has an ability to be fearful, one can also be brave.

We just need to change the mind that is 'I'.

To thoughtfulness
To gentleness
To sharing
To wisdom
Just change it and grow it.

Just now, the sound of birds singing.
Oh, Yes! Cheers for us.
Shoulders back, chest out and 
raising up both arms high,
breathing deeply in and out, 
I stretch and laugh.

Ha ha ha
Hee hee hee
Hae hae hae
Ho ho ho

Happy Christmas~ 

Tea Canister, UK  1780-1800