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Monday, 2 December 2013

Just as it is

A rainbow appearing through the reflection of light after the rain.
Square papers of many different colours.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.. rainbow xylophone and,
a story of a boy that comes to mind when I think of colour.

There was a boy who was ill. He was about five or six.
He liked to read books about birds his parents gave. Specially, going outside and discovering birds on his own was one of his favourite things to do a day. 
"I just went out and I was fascinated by colours,"
says the boy who became a healthy grown-up now.

When the boy was forty six, he painted one colour on one canvas.
And one other colour on other canvas,
and then another one colour on another canvas.
Like this, he painted a different single colour one by one
on each of thirteen canvases.
He chose bright and vibrant colours and
applied them, smoothly with no brush stroke,
to the top, bottom, left, right sides of the canvases as well as the front.
Thirteen rectangular shape canvases,
the size of a person with each different colour,
were hung side by side on one wall.

The boy's colours born like this.
One colour is one existence.
The existence
that looks honestly and confidently at those looking at itself.
Not a tool for something else,
not a component for someone else.
Existing as colour itself, as the way it is.
One living creature.

The name of the boy
who made the gathering of thirteen colours called 'Spectrum V' is
Ellsworth Kelly.
Already, an internationally recognised artist in his thirties.
American artist who have contributed a great deal to the history of abstract art.
At present, working actively even at the age of ninety, he says,

"I love colour in life.
Here you have green and red doors. 
I think that I want my paintings to have good spirit."

A week ago.
Yellow leaves softly turning red.
Stones with bright grey light by the warm afternoon sunshine of autumn.
Now, they have another different look.

Stopping and departure sound of a green bus that is heard occasionally.
The colours and shapes of daily life and nature moving
like this and like that, little by little everyday. 

There is no

high and low, good and bad, right and wrong, doing well and doing bad

Ellsworth Kelly, Spectrum V  1969