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Monday, 13 January 2014


Lila de Nobili, The Sleeping Beauty  1968

Looking up at the sky over the hill, it is seen. 
One bird nest 
set on the top branches of a winter tree between the sky and the hill. 
With lush leaves, it was not seen but now, fully reveals itself. 
While looking at the prettiness of its carefully made shape, 
another one is found on the top branches of a tree next to it.

Two trees. Two bird's nests. 
Two tall trees stretching up, ever so cool. 
Both looking like wearing cute little hats together. 
A big smile. 

In 'The Sleeping Beauty'.
When the kingdom is awakened 
from the enchanted sleep of one hundred years.
The bird's nest on the head of the king's man who is fussy and officious.
A big smile.

'You made a bird's nest on your head'.

This is a Korean expression for tangled hair. 
His appearance talking noisily about this and that, 
with an actual bird's nest on his head.
Tee hee hee... smile in spite of myself. 

The bird's nest delicately made, unusually using real twigs. 
The witty ingenuity of Lila de Nobili.

Beautiful gifts winter trees give.
And Lila de Nobili. 
Thank you.