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Monday, 20 January 2014

Leave all to it

Won Kang, Oreillers  2014

'Whamoki', a small jasmine tree.  
A lovely sunny spot under 'Whamoki'. 
I lie down there. 

The warmth of wooden floors. 
The leaves and tree branches sparkling 
with the sun shining like stars. 

Dark brown. Light ivory colour. Old boughs and newly born twigs. 
The serenity 
they make together. 

The sound of water going down. 
The sound of wind. 
The touch of air brushing with wind.

Uh, wind is passing by my nose, as well. 
With my nose covered, not to catch a cold :-) ,
I lie down again. 

Ah~ it is warm and snug. 

Where everything is calm. 
Ascend and descend. 
Descend and ascend. 
Breathe in and breathe out. 
Breathe out and breathe in. 
Peaceful and soft, soundless movement. 

Leave all to the movement.
Every thought
Every mind 
Every body

One by one 

And stay 
where it is quiet and unchanging.