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Monday, 27 January 2014

Tangerine tea, No lack

No lack


A white plate on a table.
Tangerines are glittering on it. 
When passing by them, eating one or two, 
shortly after, tangerine peels are piled up. 

One corner of a floor where daylight is coming in. 
There, tangerine peels are turning into another shape. 
The sun is giving health to people and to the peels. 
The bright and clear form. The fresh and sweet aroma quietly approaching. 
I keep going there. 

Try tangerine tea? 
I am boiling tea with a handful of tangerine peels.
Ah~ the aroma of tangerine all over the house. 
Neither too strong, nor too weak. 
Neither too much, nor too less. 
There is no lack 
as it is now. 

Won Kang  2014 

A handful of dried tangerine peels
2/3 of a large pot water (or as we like)
A large pot with a thick bottom

1. Wash tangerines carefully with vinegar and baking soda. 
2. Dry the peels left after eating the tangerines, for two or three days. 
    They dry easily in winter. 
3. Put a handful of the dried tangerine peels in a pot.
    Stir, heating gently, over medium heat. 
    This is to disinfect. Be careful not to burn them. 
4. Add water 2/3 of the pot with the heated tangerine peels.
5. 5mins after water bubbling and boiling. It is done. The end!

It could taste flat. Try it with sugar or honey, please. 
Then, sweet smell and taste and another delicate flavour!

One line recipe
A handful of dried tangerine peels. Add water 2/3 of a big pot. 5 mins after boiling. Fin!

Tangerines rich in vitamin C.
Dried tangerine peels rich in vitamin D.
Citric acid and essential lemon oil in them help relieve fatigue.
A lovely cup of tangerine tea when feeling a cold coming on.
It reduces nasal congestion and inflammation. Good for people with rhinitis.
Well, I sound like a doctor, don't I? Ho ho :-)