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Monday, 27 October 2014

Mum's Happiness soup, Cosily enfold

Cosily enfold


What a lovely smell!

The soup mum has made.

Kind and fine look.

The sound of birds.

"Thank you~"

Whenever chewing each mouthful, 
light spreading deeply and gently.

which softly enfolds me.
Quiet afternoon sunlight.

Past and present,
inside and outside

mingled together clearly and mildly. 

A world 
where everything is tranquil and restful. 

Won Kang, Soupe de bonheur  2014

Glutinous rice
A pinch of salt
Some black pepper

1. Wash the glutinous rice in cold water until the water runs clear.
2. Soak the well-washed glutinous rice for about 3 hours.
3. Put into a blender with water (rice:water 1:1 ratio)  and whizz until slightly smooth.
4. Pour it in a pan and add milk at a time, stirring gently over medium heat until it boils  
    (rice:water:milk  1:1:1/2 ratio). 
5. Sprinkle salt and freshly ground black pepper as we like. The end!

One line recipe
Washed glutinous rice and water in a blender, put in a pan & stir adding milk until it boils. Fin!

This soft, simple soup will warm our stomachs and soul. :-)