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Monday, 16 February 2015

Even so, the world is beautiful

Claude Monet, Anitbes, Le Fort  1888

What are we looking for in this sea?
What are we looking for in that sky?

The light passing
the limitless sky, snow-covered mountains and waves.
The town shining warmly and brightly.

Being kindly permeated
by delicate pink light
with the horizon disappearing,
with the boundaries of each other disappearing.

More than 100 years ago,
the world reflected on the eyes of Monet.

A quiet 

The sky as it is. 
The sea as it is. 

Ourselves, just the way we are.

Being grateful for  
this peaceful, rich day and all days. 




"Pure, gentle sweetness:

some white, some pink, some blue, 

and all this surrounded by the fairylike air" 

Monet, early February 1888