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Monday, 16 June 2014

Beautiful, Chihayafuru

Lee Ufan, La peinture ensevelie...  2013

Shining with




Ah, ah, thank you.

The world is truly filled with 
beautiful people, beautiful minds. 
Every moment of meeting with them... 
how precious it is...   
Thank you.

Chihayafuru, a beautiful story   
unfolding with the poems which are 1000 years old. 
Warmth spreading softly.

3 o’clock in the afternoon.
Light, moist rain falling.
The white light from street lamps coming on one by one.  

Clear and transparent light, dark green.
Cool grey stones becoming deepened.
Full of calm freshness by their being together.      

The landscape of the story
unrolling before my eyes.


Stay still
in the shade 
that clouds and rain make.  

The sky spreading out wide and wide. 

A cool breeze coming in quietly.  

Yuki Suetsugu, Chihayafuru ちはやふる  2011