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Monday, 17 March 2014

Only need to stop

William Eggleston, At Zenith 1979/2013

A sunlit street. 
A leisurely walk 
of a black cat. 

Looking at the front and to the side, 
slowly stepping onto the grass next to the street, 
the cat stops and, looks at the sky and, 
hops one stone 
of a steep stone wall.
Stops and, looks at the sky and, 
hops another stone.

Oh, she or he has slipped,
climbs up 
with no perplexity and no impatience.
One by one.

not in words but 
with a heart.

The precious present
the black cat gave. 

One stop. 
A piece of courage. 
Soft mind.

The moment we stop, 
there is no uneasiness.

The moment we stop, 
there is nothing we cannot do.

at the moment 
we are now staying.

Only need to stop. 


Look at the sky.
Give a smile.

Precious things 
are growing.

'Thank you.'